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Griffith's Valuation 1864 - Hagan Anne to Samuel to Kelly Anne

Householder Location Householder Location
Hagan Anne Tullyvallen Hughes Bryan Camly Macullagh
Hagan William Newtownhamilton - Armagh St Hughes Charles Camly Macullagh
Hale James Tullyvallen Hughes Cornelius Altnamackan
Hall Thomas Newtownhamilton - Castleblaney St Hughes Cornelius Tullyvallen
Hamill John Newtownhamilton - Newry St Hughes Daniel Newtownhamilton - Armagh St
Hamilton Robert Tullyvallen Hughes Denis Ballynarea
Hanlon Mary Camly Macullagh Hughes Francis Tullyogallaghan
Hanna Edward Tullyvallen Hughes James Ballynarea
Hanna William Tullyvallen Hughes John Camly Macullagh
Hannaway Mary Tullyvallen Hughes John Newtownhamilton - Armagh St
Hanratty Elizabeth Tullyvallen Tipping West Hughes John Newtownhamilton - Armagh St
Hanratty Mary Tullyvallen Tipping East Hughes John Tullyvallen
Hanratty Patrick Camly Ball Hughes Michael Newtownhamilton - Armagh St
Hanratty Patrick Newtownhamilton - Castleblaney St Hughes Owen Camly Macullagh
Hanratty Patrick Roxborough Hughes Owen Skeriff Tichburn
Hanratty Peter Dorsey Hearty Hughes Patrick Ballynarea
Hanway Hugh Cortamlet Hughes Peter Tullyvallen
Harbinson Rev. William Altnamackan Hughes Robert Altnamackan
Hare Samuel Tullyvallen Hughes Robert Tullyvallen
Harrison Arthur Camly Ball Hughes Rose Newtownhamilton - Dundalk St
Harrison John Camly Ball Hughes Terence Camly Macullagh
Harrison John Camly Ball Hughes Thomas Camly Macullagh
Harrison Samuel Camly Ball Hughes William Jun. Camly Macullagh
Harvey Joseph Tullyvallen Hughes William Sen. Camly Macullagh
Harvey Joseph Tullyvallen Hunter Joseph Tullyvallen
Harvey Susan Tullyvallen Hunter Robert Newtownhamilton - Castleblaney St
Harvey Thomas Cortamlet Hunter Robert Newtownhamilton - Dundalk St
Hawthorne Francis Tullyvallen Hunter Robert Tullyvallen
Hayes Frances Carrickrovaddy Irwin Jane Tullyogallaghan
Hayes Mary Carrickrovaddy Irwin Sarah Newtownhamilton - Castleblaney St
Heany Henry Dorsey Hearty Jackson James Newtownhamilton - Newry St
Heany William Dorsey Hearty Jeffers Samuel Newtownhamilton - Dundalk St
Hearty Anne Newtownhamilton - Market Place Jenkins Alexander Tullyvallen
Hearty Owen Newtownhamilton - Dundalk St Jenkins James Altnamackan
Heeny John Carrickrovaddy Jenkins John Altnamackan
Heeny Patrick Carrickrovaddy Johnston Alexander Tullyvallen
Henderson Robert Tullyvallen Johnston Catherine Ummerinvore
Henderson Sarah Tullyvallen Johnston James Newtownhamilton - Armagh St
Hennang Abel Tullyvallen Johnston John Tullyvallen
Hennang Abel Tullyvallen Johnston John Ummerinvore
Henry John Tullyvallen Johnston Richard Ummerinvore
Henry Robert Tullyvallen Johnston Thomas Camly Macullagh
Henry Samuel Cortamlet Johnston William Ummerinvore
Heron Robert Tullyvallen Jones Mary Tullyvallen
Herron George Tullyvallen Jones Sarah Tullyvallen
Herron George Tullyvallen Jones William Cortamlet
Herron John Newtownhamilton - Castleblaney St Kane James Newtownhamilton - Newry St
Herron Samuel Tullyvallen Kearney George Camly Macullagh
Herron William Tullyvallen Kearney James Cortamlet
Hogan Joseph Newtownhamilton - Dundalk St Kearney James Newtownhamilton - Armagh St
Hollywood Thomas Newtownhamilton - Newry St Kearney John Newtownhamilton - Dundalk St
Huggard James Altnamackan Kearney Terence Newtownhamilton - Newry St
Huggard John Altnamackan Keating Sleuth Altnamackan
Hughes Arthur Ballynarea Kelly Alexander Newtownhamilton - Armagh St
Hughes Bridget Tullyvallen Tipping West Kelly Anne Tullyvallen

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